How to Flirt With a Girl Online: Three Easy to Follow Tips

If you’re wondering how to flirt with a girl online, you aren’t alone. A ton of guys out there right now are wondering the exact same thing as you, and on this page you’ll find my top three tips for using online conversations to get relationships started.

Keep it Personal

Here’s something not many guys think of. If you’re wondering how to flirt with a girl online in some place that’s private, like facebook messaging, or skype between the two of you, you need to keep things person. When you’re online, it’s easy to get carried away and read statuses of everyone on facebook, that kind of stuff. If you let the conversation get to generic, it will feel, to her, just like the rest of the boring stuff she’s reading.

You need to be occasionally saying things that remind her that the two of you are in a private conversation that no one else can see. That makes it more intimate. Lines like, «I wouldn’t normally tell people this, but…» work like a charm to accomplish this.

Match Her Style

One thing that makes the answer to how to flirt online a lot more complicated than the question of how to flirt is that you need to type everything. That means you all of the sudden need to worry about spelling, but you also need to worry about how to type things.
Should you say «How are you?» or «sup»? It’s a complicated question, but here’s the simple answer: Do what she does. If she types ‘u’ instead of ‘you’, do that too. That will make her feel like there’s a connection between the two of you.

Never Let the Conversation Die

The worst thing that can happen to an online conversation is that it ends before either of your log off. Just waiting there, neither of you logged off, but with nothing to say, can feel very awkward from both ends. You need to avoid it like the plague if you successfully flirt with girls online.

So what do you do? Simple. If the conversation is crashing, you’re running out of things to say, and she is taking longer and longer to log off, leave. Tell her that you need to go do something, and close the window or tab. That accomplishes two things: the conversation doesn’t just die slowly, and she thinks you’re the kind of guy who just has a ton of things to do.

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