How To Get A Girlfriend

As a man, you are doubtless going to meet girls who look cute and enchanting. However, the real challenge lies in telling one that you admire her and that you want her to be your girlfriend. You need to be armed with the right tips that will maximize your chances of landing the best girlfriend out there. Therefore, this article offers a few tips that will increase your odds of winning the girl of your dreams. Read on to discover how to ask a girl to be your girlfriend.

The biggest mistake that guys make is seeing a girl today and asking her to be their girlfriends the following day. As such, you are advised to make sure that the girl likes you before you ask her to be your girlfriend. You first have to feel confident about her feelings before you go about the whole business. This means that you should not only make sure that the girl likes you but also calculate your chances of getting her to accept you. This is because it is tricky to get a girl to accept you once she has rejected you.

So how do you get a girlfriend? Read on to know how…

As such, you should avoid asking the girl to be your girlfriend too early. Just talk with her and be always in a positive mood. Chat online and be confident. If you ask her to be your girlfriend too early, she will tell you that she does not know you well yet. This will be the beginning of rejection and your chances of getting her even after you know each other well will be quite minimal. Even worse, the resulting awkwardness will work against you. To avoid the claim that she does not know you well yet, you should make sure that you have known the girl for a long time before you ask her to be your girlfriend. You should first work extra hard to make the girl familiar enough and to make her feel easy when around you.

The question of whether or not the girls accept you will depend on where and when you pose this question. As such, it is crucial to be thoughtful regarding where and when you ask a girl to be your girlfriend. If you show a girl the effort that went into planning for the moment, her chances of accepting you will increase. You should especially to a place where she feels relaxed and calm. Note that ladies are very self-centered creatures and she will not accept to welcome another person into her life if she does not feel settled enough. Therefore, you need to make the lady as settled as possible in order to increase your chances of winning the girl you like.
Therefore, you are advised to pick a location that sets the right tone. You need to have a place that gives you the right privacy and one that offers an atmosphere conducive to your chat. For instance, you should avoid looking for venues that are overly romantic. This will get her bored because you will be treating her like she is already your girlfriend. All, in all, you are advised to avoid making your intentions too obvious. Ladies sometimes have mercy on men who do not seem overly confident and tend to disappoint those who behave as if it is their right to be accepted.

Again, you need to make sure that you pick the right time. If you talk to a girlfriend at a time when she’s stressed up or she’s busy doing other things, then your chances of being rejected will be ruthlessly high. Depending on your prior knowledge of the girl, you might ask her out on some weekend night but the danger here is that it will look like a date already. The biggest mistake you can ever commit is to behave as if you already have the girl and yet you are still asking her to be your girlfriend. Settle for a serious but low-key affair. After all, you need to spare something for real romance after she has accepted you.

Further, you are supposed to wear the right kind of attitude. If you walk into that lounge looking already rejected, the girl will simply refuse you because you look already rejected. Make sure that you remain calmly confident. However, remember that being overconfident may end up ruining your chances of getting her. Try as much as possible to avoid looking nervous, even if you are naturally so. Try as much as possible to appear composed and collected. If things go wrong, do not go with them. Stick to your line of argument and do not be swayed by her sidekicks because girls can be quite unpredictable and finicky.

It also depends on how you pose this question. To meet the best response, make sure that you phrase your question in the most enticing way. Avoid saying the question direct. Asking, «Will you be my girlfriend?» is too direct and will most likely get an unfavorable response. «Would you go out with me?» would be a better way of phrasing the same question. Put in some cunning because ladies reward the intelligent craftiness of men.

Remember that you need to first show the girl that you care even before you ask her to be your girlfriend. Remember that women are naturally weak, or so they think. As such, they get naturally attracted to a man they deem caring and protective. Just wear the attitude of concern and show her that you really care and you’ll easily win a place in his heart. Offering to do a few things for her will be the easiest way of showing the lady that you really care.

Finally, you should be graceful when she gives you a negative response. Don’t get infuriated and just walk away like you have no time for her anymore. Instead, you should tell her that you respect her decision. If she accepts, you should not get overly excited when she accepts you. Talk seriously and show her that it is not the end of the matter but the beginning of a serious thing – your relationship.

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