How to Get a Hot Girlfriend: 3-Step Guide

Have you realized yet that knowing how to get a hot girlfriend is a life skill you need to have if you’re going to live life how you want to?

And it isn’t like there are lots of places to learn this: they don’t offer a course on attracting women in school. When you think about it, you’ll notice that you’re pretty much limited to what you learned from your father and your friends when it comes to this area. If you’ve decided that that information isn’t enough for you, and if you want some rock-solid strategies for how to get a hot girlfriend, then you’ve come to the right page.

Nice Guys Never Win

Maybe you’ve noticed that the guys who seem to get the hottest girlfriends usually aren’t even the most refined or most handsome guys around. If you haven’t noticed that, then you must be living under a rock. Sure, hot girls will say that they want a well groomed man, who is polite and calls his mother every week, but that can’t be true.

You must’ve noticed that most women never actually date men like that. Sorry women, but actions speak louder than words. Nice guys aren’t actually what most girls are looking for. This means if you really want to know how to get a hot girlfriend, you need to disregard the advice that hot girls are giving you on the matter.

A lot of people don’t really know what they want, and it’s pretty common for people to say they want one thing when they really want another. If you want to know how to get a hot girlfriend, you need to start paying attention to what the guys who have hot girlfriends are doing. Because everything other than that is just guesses, you want facts.

Rejection isn’t Your Enemy

No way! How is that advice possibly in an article about how to get a hot girlfriend? We need to be reasonable about this. No man has a 100% success rate with women, no matter how good he is with them. If anyone ever tells you the opposite of that, they’re trying to sell you something, and you should not be buying it. What does this mean? It means that if you want to know how to date attractive women, you need to start asking some.

Sure, you might get a few no’s, but you’ll probably also end up with a few yes’s if you just start asking…

Don’t Be Needy

A lot of guys don’t know how to get a hot girlfriend just because they need to get a girlfriend. Maybe you think that I’m crazy, but it’s true: hot girls can tell when you need a girlfriend. And they don’t like it. It makes you seem weak, and needy, and hot girls will just run away from you, and reject you every time.

If you’re already dating an attractive women, that’s great, and you know most guys wish they were in your position. But all of the attractive women out there know that they’re attractive, they know that men want them. Needy men approach them every day, and they’re just getting tired of it. The hotter a girl is, the more she’s looking for a guy who thinks highly of himself. A guy who doesn’t need her is much more likely to become a guy she needs.

Well, those are the three things you need to do if you want to know how to get a hot girlfriend. Afterwards, you’ll have a hot girlfriend, and everyone else will wonder how you did it. Keep it between you and me though, okay?

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